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quinta-feira, março 22, 2012

The American Phoenix...próxima leitura

The American Phoenix and Why China and Europe will struggle after the coming slump.

Por Charles Dumas e Diana Choyleva.

"There must be few things more frustrating for an economist than to write a book predicting how the world is going to fall into another economic crisis and then see much of what they have predicted happen before it is published.
To some extent this has just happened to Charles Dumas and Diana Choyleva of Lombard Street Research. In June they sent me an advance copy of their book The American Phoenix*, which will finally be published on Thursday. In it, they lay out clearly why America will plunge into recession but then recover, why the eurozone is condemned for a decade of stagnation and struggle, and their most alarming forecast, that China is heading for a crisis which means the world's major growth engine will also stumble."

Anthony Hilton, in "This is London"

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