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quarta-feira, maio 14, 2008

OS monges do Tibete...

The supposed "Monks" of Tibet were in FACT Chinese Soldiers disguised as “MONKS”.

Below in the photo, (taken on the 20th of March by a British communication agency) these Chinese Soldiers can be seen wearing their uniforms, preparing to change into “Monk” apparel and just before the “so called Lhasa violent protests”. ...

The real monks who wanted to protest in Lhasa however, in a PEACEFUL manner, were being held in a local prison and obviously unable to protest.

Therefore, it is evident, that this was all a covert operation in order to denigrate the image of Tibetan Monks and what they stand for “PEACE”

This is an irrefutable photo and has travelled through many European Countries.

Let’s just see if it can cross the Atlantic hopefully being able to attain worldwide notoriety.

Please pass it on! (Translation SF)

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