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quarta-feira, junho 07, 2006

Energy and market risk: a glimpse

Market Risk - Banks Agree on US Format for LCDS
Leading derivatives dealer banks have agreed to standard documentation for loan-related credit default swaps in the US. The agreement in the US comes as market participants in Europe remain at loggerheads over how such contracts should work. The need for standardized contracts reflects growing investor interest in managing risk in the booming market for syndicated loans.

Energy Risk - China, India Seek to Avert Bidding War for Russian Oil
China and India plan their second joint bid for oil fields, an offer of about $2 billion for deposits in Kazakhstan. China and India consume 11 percent of global oil output. Citic Group, China's biggest investment company, and Oil & Natural Gas Corp., India's largest oil producer, may bid for Calgary-based Nations Energy's assets.


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