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sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2005

Será que Rafael Benitez tem razão?

RAFA: IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE Paul Rogers in Tokyo 16 December 2005 (image placeholder)Rafael Benitez today admitted that the Champions League draw that has paired his Liverpool side with Portugal's Benfica will be difficult but it could have been far worse. Speaking in Tokyo while out with his players for a meal, Benitez told "It is not an easy draw but it is not the worst draw that it could have been either. There are only good teams left in the competition at this stage and we could have been paired with Bayern Munich, for example.   "There are some very interesting matches coming up in this round - just look at Chelsea v Barcelona, Real Madrid v Arsenal and Bayern v AC Milan.   "I'm pleased to have avoided certain teams but we will face a very tough match against Benfica. They are a very good team and they proved just what they can do by knocking Manchester United out of the competition.   "They are strong at home and they will have a good atmosphere behind them in the first leg but we know they will be coming back to Anfield for the return leg and everyone in Europe knows what our fans are like on a European night at home.   "We had some very special games in Europe at Anfield last season and I know the fans will play a huge role when we take on Benfica. They are one of the most famous sides in Europe and they've won the European Cup twice so we will treat them with the respect they deserve but we will approach the game with confidence in our own ability."  

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